Energizing AI with Big Data

Use distributed compute capacity to drive new advances in artificial intelligence.
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Enabling business to sense, think, and act.

Apart from following traditional big data culture and maintain focus on the technical aspects, we also recognize that the outcomes and the ability to take action on the data is supreme. We integrate vast amounts of enterprise data in multiple silos within organization and make connections between these data sets enabling a holistic view of a complex problem, from which new AI-driven insights can be identified.

What we do:

  • Help to automate businesses repetitive tasks to improve the productivity of work on IT Side and Business Front.
  • Continuously improving algorithms to increase the quality of results AI can deliver.
  • Create new value, new experiences.
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Here is what we do

Big Data
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Take timely action on data. Realize business value through big data.
Dark data to value
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Turn dark data like text, images, audio, and video , into structured data with superlative quality at maximum scale.
Advanced Analytics
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We perform broad and swift analytics on huge volumes of data to create immediate visual insights.
Secured Data Transfer
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Build secured, user driven high-volume data flows across enterprise cloud and platforms. Explore Anchel.

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