Reap benefits of newer cloud paradigms.
Reap benefits of newer cloud paradigms.
Irrespective of the cloud provider moving to a cloud operating environment is a given. Our deep expertise in on-premises, cloud only and everything in between can help embracing a transparent approach to move workloads to and from computing environments.
  • Focus on business innovation and delivering customer value.
  • Leverage best of both worlds utilizing hybrid cloud methodologies to scale seasonal and unpredictable workloads using a pay as you go models.
  • Get business confidence to adapt to user response iteratively and transparently. We listen to and understand our customer’s unique Deployment pipeline requirements.
  • Avoid long term contracts and reduce capital expenditures on IT Infrastructure and long term contract and vendor lock-ins.
  • Prepare and maintain disaster management and site resiliency competencies for business continuity.
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Full spectrum cloud adoption, implementation and strategy embracing our DevSecOps and Agile methodologies. Green field implementations lend themselves to adoption of current best of breed tools.


Existing workloads can move piece meal or full scale lift and shift depending on the application requirements or need of the business. Our hybrid cloud experts will strategize and implement the least impactful application components to determine a good use case. We weave in cloud best practices into a layered cloud migration strategy along the way to allow businesses see the benefits and impacts.. Additionally leverage the cloud first strategies to the on-premises infrastructure to achieve lower Total Cost of Ownership.
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T3C Agile Transformation assists customers to face ever-increasing challenges and the chances of industry disruption sustained by leaps of the digital age.
DevOps Capabilities.
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Our DevOps tools and methodologies encompass the entire gamut of build, release, monitoring, testing, security validation and compliance very early in your project cycles.
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Outlined for Business Outcomes.
Drive innovation and accelerate your company's growth with our full spectrum of cloud services.

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